Here at Churn Creek chiropractic, our chiropractor treats all types of musculoskeletal injuries of the back and neck for the Redding, Anderson, Bella Vista, Centerville, Happy Valley, and Shasta Communities.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of accidents and injuries, including car accidents, improper lifting, falls and sports injuries. Chiropractic care helps heal the causes of lower back pain without medication or surgery. We offer manual adjustments, massage therapy and nutritional counseling to help you heal faster.

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica refers to an injury of the sciatic nerve. The term is not so much a diagnosis as a description of the symptoms. Sciatica can be caused by herniated discs, compressed or pinched nerves and injuries to the back. Our chiropractor can help determine the exact causes of your sciatic nerve pain and recommend a treatment program to heal the underlying injuries.

Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated discs occur when part of the disc slips or bulges out of place. This can put pressure on the nerve roots and soft tissues surrounding the herniated disc. We offer treatments that can help the displaced material retract.

Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is a severe injury of the neck. When it occurs, all the muscles and ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion, and the cervical vertebrae are significantly misaligned. While this injury happens most often during car accidents, it can also happen during hard falls and by getting hit in the head by an object. Our chiropractor can diagnose your whiplash and recommend a holistic treatment program to lower your pain and restore the curvature of your cervical vertebrae.

Headaches and Migraine Treatment

A certain percentage of headaches and migraines have no identifiable cause. If you live in any of these cities – Redding, Anderson, Bella Vista, Centerville, Happy Valley, and Shasta, we can help you lower the frequency of your headaches and reduce the associated symptoms with chiropractic care. Manual adjustments, massage therapy and proper nutrition can help you manage your migraines.

What injuries have you had treated with chiropractic care?

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