Massage therapy and chiropractic care are complementary methodologies that work together to offer patients holistic healing. Our chiropractor, Dr. Donovan Hutchings, will often recommend these methods together to offer you the best possible results. Here’s a closer look at the many ways massage therapy can complement chiropractic care.

Prepares for Adjustments

Therapeutic massage is often used to prepare the body for adjustment. Massage helps to warm up local soft tissues while relieving muscle tension. This ensures that joints are more pliable, making them easier to adjust. Both local massage and general massage may be effective preparation for adjustment.

Offers Pain Relief

While proper adjustments help relieve pain, deep tissue massage therapy is beneficial for pain management as well. By relieving muscle tension, massage reduces pain. In individuals with injuries, deep tissue massage has the ability to break up scar tissue, aiding in healing and pain relief over time. Massage is also known to help break the pain-spasm-pain cycles.

Improves Effectiveness of Chiropractic Treatment

Using massage before adjustments helps to improve the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Chronic muscle tension has the ability to continue creating joint misalignments that adjustments work to correct. By using massage before adjustments, muscle resistance is reduced, resulting in more effective adjustments.

Increases the Speed of Recovery

Even the speed of recovery can be increased by massage. By treating the muscles and offering adjustments, patients may require fewer treatment sessions to enjoy the final results they want.

Helps Prevent Future Problems

Regular massage therapy may also help prevent future problems. Minor aches, such as back pain and neck pain, can turn into major problems over time. Having regular massage treatments helps to counteract poor postures and relieve muscle tension, reducing the risk of future long-term problems.

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