If you suffer lingering back pain after an auto accident, our chiropractic team can help you recover using natural healing methods that really work.

Back Pain After An Auto-Accident 

Car accidents place your body under tremendous force and pull your spine out of its normal alignment. It’s no wonder that your back muscles become achy and stiff, or that you cannot twist your spine without feeling sharp pain. Drugs will only hide your pain, they won’t help you heal. The only way to realign your spine and reduce the pain you feel is to see a chiropractor.

Auto accidents can cause disc pain along the spine or cause facet joint pain, muscle strain, and ligament tear. While you may be tempted to rest and see if this cures muscle strain, we encourage you to seek treatment. The sooner you get help, the faster your body will recover.

How Our Chiropractors Treat Auto Accident Injuries

When you have an auto accident injury, you probably feel stiff and sore. Our chiropractor will reduce your stiffness, return your muscles and ligaments to their natural position, and eliminate pain and inflammation without the use of drugs.

We accomplish this through chiropractic adjustments that bring your spine back into its natural alignment, relieve whiplash and back pain symptoms, and allow your body to recover from the trauma of the accident. Since chiropractic adjustments promote nervous system health, they improve your body’s ability to self-heal from auto accident injuries.

Our Redding chiropractic treatments are always tailored to your personal needs, and accompanied by advice to improve your nutrition, reduce your pain, and boost your health and happiness. Our patients love our personalized approach and focus on whole person wellness care. Visit our chiropractic clinic serving Weed, Happy Valley, Bella Vista, Palo Cedro, Red Bluff, Centerville, Cottonwood, Redding, Anderson and Yreka to learn more.

See a Chiropractor in Redding 

Would you like to talk with our Redding chiropractor about treatment of auto accident injuries? If so, please email us or call us, we do our best to accommodate your busy schedule!

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