Redding Chiroptactic Common Conditions

Back Pain Redding– Of all the conditions that patients go to chiropractors for, back pain is the most common. Not only is back pain the most common condition that is treated with chiropractic but it has also been researched more extensively than and other condition. Research has shown that chiropractic is an effective and safe treatment for back pain. Many patients choose chiropractic as there first choice in the treatment of back pain because it is a conservative, non-drug, non-surgical treatment for the pain. There are some forms of back pain that will not get better with chiropractic care, these are rare but the best way to know the difference is to see Doctor of Chiropractor who will explain why your back is hurting and explain your different options for care. Even if a Chiropractor is not able to treat your back pain your chiropractor will be able to tell you where you need to go to get the best care possible.

Sciatica Redding– Sciatica can be a very debilitating, at Churn Creek Chiropractic we understand how sciatica can affect your life and we work diligently to help free you from pain and restore your lifestyle to you. A simple definition of Sciatca is a pain usually originating in the back and traveling down the leg and past the knee. Doctors of Chiropractic have been successfully treating this condition for over a hundred years. If you have sciatic pain, Churn Creek Chiropractic is an excellent choice for treating your pain and getting your life back.

Neck Pain Redding-Neck pain and headaches are very common. In our modern society where we are constantly sitting at computers or working with bad posture, neck pain and headaches have become even more common than ever before. There are many different causes of neck pain and headaches, Doctors of Chiropractic go to years of school to be able to differentiate and identify the different type of neck pain and most importantly how to identify those types that may be dangerous. While almost all procedures in the medical world have side effects treating neck pain and headaches with chiropractic is one of the safest ways to manage and treat these conditions.

“Pinched Nerve“- while not an actual diagnosis, many patients have felt what they consider to be a “pinched nerve”. The truth is that there are many causes of aches and pain in our bodies, true compression of a nerve is rare and usually results in a referral to an orthopedic or neurosurgeon. The feeling of pinched nerve usually is the result of inflamed joints that are not moving within their proper range of motion. Seeing a chiropractor is one of the best things you can do if you are experiencing the feeling of a “pinched nerve” not only can the doctor treat you for your pain but will refer you to the proper specialist if necessary.