Talking to family and friends does not mean what it meant 25 years ago. How we communicate and get information has changed over the years. Chances are you are reading this from your cell phone. When you say, you talked to your spouse, child, or friend you probably mean you texted them. Statistics show that U.S. cell phone users sent 1.6 trillion text messages in 2016. We lead busy lives. Technology saves us time, but texting is taking its toll on our bodies.

Causes of Text Neck

The average head weighs 12 pounds. When we text, read articles or play games on our digital devices we place a terrible strain on our neck. We hunch over, our head tilts forward, and our shoulders become rounded.

How to Prevent It

Texting has become a part of our lives, but there are things we can do to avoid text neck. Limit your use of your digital device. If you have a long message to send, consider using your computer or calling the person. Bring your digital device up to eye level, so you don’t have to look down. To minimize neck strain, invest in an external keyboard or rest your arms on a pillow while you are typing

Stretches You Can Do

Stretches can help minimize the pain associated with text neck.

Hand stretch- Form a fist and then stretch your fingers out as wide as you can and then return to a fist. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Squeeze a stress ball for 30 seconds for each hand.

Chest stretch – Stand up straight with your arms at your sides, turning your thumbs until they point behind you.

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