Knee pain can interfere with your ability to complete everyday tasks, and it can even cause you to become isolated socially. Particularly when it’s chronic, this type of pain really impacts every aspect of your life, and so finding relief is essential. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Redding can treat all types of knee pain, providing targeted therapies designed to improve both your comfort and your mobility.

Causes of Knee Pain

There are any numbers of factors that may be contributing to your knee pain. Medical conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis often play a role, as do recurring issues like bursitis and tendonitis. Some overuse injuries are common in our patients as well, including runner’s knee and IT band syndrome.

Another possibility is that your knee pain is due to an abnormality in your gait, possibly caused by an imbalance or misalignment in your feet, ankles, lower back, or some other part of your musculoskeletal system. Knee pain may also be caused by an acute injury, and chiropractic care can be quite helpful in all of these situations.

Benefits of the Chiropractic Approach

The chiropractic approach to knee pain treatment is beneficial in that it allows you to begin to heal right away by supporting your body’s natural processes while simultaneously relieving your pain. We also don’t rely on prescription painkillers, making it possible for you to avoid the side effects often associated with their use.

Chiropractic Knee Pain Treatment

The chiropractic approach to knee pain treatment involves a physical as well as a functional assessment, allowing our chiropractor to see precisely how your knee joint is interacting with the other joints in your body. We’ll also take your medical history and specific symptoms into account as we complete our evaluation, and this allows us to get a more complete picture of your condition.

We may begin treatment by performing some gentle chiropractic adjustments, either on the knee itself or on some other related joints. Even if your knee pain is not directly caused by a misalignment of your spine, the imbalance it creates may put added pressure on the joint and contribute to the worsening of your symptoms.

Depending on the precise nature of your condition, we may also utilize other therapeutic techniques, including, ice, heat and massage therapy to help reduce inflammation and increase the range of motion in your knee joint. To build on the treatments we provide in our offices, we’ll also teach you some exercises you can do on your own to strengthen the muscles supporting your knee, which can make it less likely that your symptoms will return.

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