A pinched nerve can cause an incredible amount of agony without a clear cause. When a pinched nerve starts causing symptoms, you often need to start treatment to decrease pain levels while you seek the main cause. Once you find the cause of the pinched nerves, your chiropractor can perform additional treatments to further control the symptoms or reverse the damage.


The main symptom of a pinched nerve is shooting pain. The pain often starts in the affected area and spreads outward from there. It is common to feel the pain shooting down your limbs, day and night. Other symptoms caused by pinched nerves are numbness, tingling and swelling. The nerve pain may come and go or stick around indefinitely until the cause is sourced and treated.


Nerves often end up pinched by misaligned joints or bones due to a medical condition or injury. Extremely tense muscles can also pinch nerve fibers, causing the telltale symptoms to develop. Medical conditions that cause the abnormalities leading to pinched nerves include arthritis and tendonitis. Complications from injuries, such as torn cartilage, can cause painful nerve entrapment that worsens over time.

Treatment of Pain

Chiropractors can perform thorough adjustments that release pressure on the nerves to give them the room to function. The adjustments release trapped nerves, which often immediately reduces pain levels. Swelling around the nerve bundles may need some time to decrease, before the pain completely disappears. Continued chiropractic treatments, including massage therapy sessions, can keep pressure off the nerve bundles as the surrounding systems heal.

Finding Relief through Chiropractic Care

At Churn Creek Chiropractic, our patients from Redding, Anderson, Bella Vista, Centerville, Happy Valley, and Shasta County, CA can seek help recovering from pinched nerve symptoms. You will need to have a full examination performed to determine the best treatment options for eliminating the nerve pain. Your chiropractor can work with other specialists to pinpoint and treat the cause.

Have you ever suffered with a pinched nerve? If so, how did you cope with the pain and achieve recovery?

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