Dr. Donovan Hutchings, your licensed chiropractor in Redding, California offers lymphatic massage as part of chiropractic care. You may have heard about lymphatic massage as a treatment for the pain and swelling caused by lymphatic edema. But lymphatic massage does more than help keep the swelling down. Our staff at Churn Creek Chiropractic wants you to know all of the benefits associated with this treatment.

The Benefits of Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system helps to remove waste and toxins from tissues. When this system is overloaded, the smooth muscles lining your lymph canals just can’t work fast enough to keep lymph flowing. Lymph builds up in specific locations, usually on your legs or arms. This condition is called lymphedema. Lymphedema, sometimes mild cases, sometimes severe cases, is common with arthritis (especially rheumatoid arthritis), digestive disorders, fatigue, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraine, and skin disorders, as well as after cancer treatment.

Lymphatic drainage massage is the primary method for helping to move lymphatic fluid. It’s important to understand that massage for lymphatic drainage doesn’t make an attempt to squeeze out lymphatic fluid from areas of congestion. Lymphatic drainage massage accelerates the movement of the fluid at the front of the neck, at the sides of the neck, at the back of the neck, under the arms, and behind the knees, so that lymph will move away from areas of swelling and congestion naturally. The massage therapist will always use gentle strokes in just one direction to keep the lymph going the right direction in the lymph canals.

It will take more than one treatment to get results from lymphatic drainage massage. Your massage therapists, like those who work with your chiropractor in Redding, will be teaching you breathing techniques and self-massage methods that help you get better between your sessions. And you should first notice less stiffness and then notice less swelling as the therapy works for you. But that’s not all lymphatic drainage can do to support your health.

Lymphatic Massage Treatment Also Helps with Neck and Spine Issues

If you have issues of spinal alignment that cause head, neck, shoulder, hip, arm, or leg pain, you may benefit from lymphatic massage. Chiropractic researchers have shown that treating your lymphatic system helps with spine and joints issues. One kind of treatment sometimes calls for the other. And you will find both a licensed chiropractor and registered massage therapists at your chiropractor in Redding.

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