Neck pain takes many forms, from a minor but annoying case of “text neck” to debilitating whiplash injuries and chronic degenerative disorders. But whatever type of neck pain you’re struggling with, there’s only one acceptable solution — relief. That’s when you need to turn to Churn Creek Chiropractic in Redding. Either chiropractor at our clinic, Dr. Donovan Hutchings or Dr. Stephen Edwards, can administer safe, non-invasive, time-tested chiropractic adjustments and related techniques to help you get over your neck pain and reduce the odds of it coming back to plague you again.

Causes and Symptoms of Neck Pain

The human neck is subject to stresses and strains even in the most peaceful everyday situations– especially in today’s era of mobile devices. One prime modern example is an issue known as “text neck.” Constantly drooping your head to view a mobile screen shifts your body weight, adding up 60 extra pounds of pressure on the upper spine and creating chronic muscle strain in the neck. Head droop can also occur due to a longstanding cervical misalignment.

Degenerative joint disease is another source of neck pain.The delicate facet joints that connect the cervical vertebrae can suffer stress and inflammation from alignment issues or the progressive age-related flattening of cervical discs. The bulging discs themselves may herniate and/or press against neighboring nerve tissue, producing pain and other symptoms.

Traumatic accidents are an obvious source of neck pain and injury. The most infamous of these ailments, whiplash, may leave you with torn neck muscles, herniated cervical discs, pinched cervical nerves and other neck damage. An upper cervical misalignment, either sustained in an injury or from some other cause, may even result in your head “not being on straight,” creating ongoing muscular stress in the neck.

Your Redding Source for Natural Neck Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from neck pain in Redding, you’ll be happy to known that many such problems can be relieved without surgery or drugs thanks to our chiropractic methods. Our Redding chiropractor will evaluate your cervical spine carefully to look for any imbalances or misalignments (with or without other, more glaring injury symptoms). We can then perform small, precise adjustments using:

  • Palmer Technique, in which adjustments to the cervical spine improve not only neck alignment but the alignment of the entire body
  • Diversified Technique, which employs high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust to mobilize cervical joints stiffened by whiplash or other problems
  • Gonstead Technique, a chair-based technique that focuses on applying HVLA thrust to the cervical region
  • Flexion Distraction, which relieves disc-related nerve impingement by creating vacuum pressure within the spinal canal
  • Activator Technique, an instrument-based chiropractic technique for extremely gentle, precise adjustments

In addition to spinal adjustments, we also prescribe massage therapy and electric muscle stimulation to help injured or strained soft tissues experience relief and heal themselves more effectively.

Nobody should have to live with neck pain. Call (530) 221-4991 for an appointment at our chiropractic clinic!