Your Cervical Spine, the Unsung Hero Until Neck Pain Arises

While pain in the neck is a flippant term we use when referring to a difficult person, neck pain, is nothing to take lightly. The neck, which is actually the cervical spine, is made up of seven vertebrae, and begins at the base of the skull. It supports the head which is a formidable task, given that the average head weighs twelve pounds. Even more amazing is its flexibility, enabling us to turn our heads in nearly every direction. Most likely you rarely think about your neck until the morning you wake up with pain and an immobile stiff neck.

Neck pain can arise suddenly as the result of a fall, or the impact of an automobile collision that leaves you with whiplash.  Or it can arise insidiously, as the neck succumbs to degenerative conditions like osteoporosis causing cartilage deterioration; spinal stenosis that narrows nerve passageways within the vertebrae and causes a sensation of tingling, or numbness; or a herniated or bulging disc that can also cause numbness, in addition to pain shooting up and down the arm. Poor posture can also hurt the neck.

Getting Pain Relief from Our Redding and Shasta County Chiropractor

Our Redding chiropractor’s first order of business will be to discover the cause of your neck pain. To this end he will ask questions and listen deeply to your answers. He may follow this up with physical and neurological exams that may include an MRI, CT scan, or X-rays. If he discovers a fracture or sign of an organic disease he will refer you to a physician, but in most cases he will prescribe non-invasive, drug-free chiropractic treatments centered around cervical manipulation which will improve spinal mobility, restore range of motion, and increase the movement of surrounding muscles. He may also choose to supplement this with massage therapy and corrective exercises.

How did your neck feel this morning? Don’t wait for an unpleasant awakening; call us today at (530) 221-4991 to schedule a consultation. We’re near Anderson!

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