The human body is comprised of many nerves that extend from the brain and spinal cord. Pinched nerves occur when there is pressure on the nerve. Your body’s nerves travel through tiny spaces in the body and have little soft tissue protection. Nerve compression typically occurs when a nerve is pressed between bone, ligament and tendon tissues. Compression on a nerve root that extends through the spine may cause, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain and leg pain. Nerve pressure that causes pain to radiate from the neck to the arm is known as cervical radiculopathy. Pain that radiates to the leg and foot is known as sciatica. Pressure on a nerve can be due to changes in the spine or a herniated disc. Cervical compression may cause pain symptoms in the neck, hand, wrist, and elbow. If not treated, pinched nerves can lead to tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy. If nerve compression lasts a long time, the protective barrier of the nerve may begin to break down with a fluid build-up. I can cause scarring, extra pressure and inflammation.

When a nerve is pinched, there may be more symptoms in addition to pain. You may experience weakness, numbness or radiating pain in the area of the compression. And symptoms may worsen with certain movements, such as turning your head.

Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves in Redding, Anderson, Bella Vista, Centerville, Happy Valley, Cottonwood, Shasta Lake City, Red Bluff, Palo Cedro, Weed, and Yreka.

Often, a pinched nerve is an indication of an underlying problem. Chiropractor Dr. Donovan Hutchings takes a full medical history and does comprehensive exams to diagnose pinched nerve and determine its root cause. Our goal is to treat the cause like bulging disc or herniated disc and not just the symptom. With spinal adjustments, he gently corrects alignment to restore mobility and reduce pain associated with pinched nerve pain.  Manual manipulations helps the spine’s nerves, ligaments and bones return to proper alignment. Misaligned vertebrae, which known subluxations, contribute to back pain by putting pressure on nerves and causing inflammation in the soft tissues. Depending on your condition, he may use Diversified, Gonstead, Palmer or Flexion Distraction techniques in his chiropractic treatment plan. Massage therapy is a complementary treatment for better pain management of pinched nerves. We use it to naturally relieve pain, enhance the healing process and release tension in the connective tissues. It’s effective for sciatica and other compressed nerve conditions. We offer different types of massage, including Swedish massage. It’s a 90-minute session that is totally relaxing and leaves you feeling good. Our certified massage therapist will help you choose the best type of massage for your condition and symptoms.

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