Some of the most common reasons why people visit a chiropractor in Redding is the result of a work injury, generally caused by poor workplace ergonomics. Repetitive motions are some of the most common types of injuries, which can result from excessive computer use. Hunching over a monitor and keyboard at the wrong height can cause stress on your neck, shoulders and upper body and both conditions can be significantly increased by poor posture. The good news is with proper workplace ergonomics you can prevent a wide range of potential workplace injuries.

Sitting Correctly

If you sit at a desk for all or most of your day, it is important to make sure your chair has firm back support for your lower back and the chair should be adjustable for height. It is best to sit with your feet flat on the floor with your knees even with or above your hips. Your computer monitor should be placed directly in front of your body and right at eye level.

Ergonomic Work Station

Your workstation should be equipped with ergonomic keyboards, which are designed to work with the natural curve of your wrists and hands and to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are unable to completely redo your workstation, one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make an ergonomic change is to raise your computer monitor. This will help to reduce the strain on your neck and placing padding under your wrists will help reduce work injury by supporting your hands and wrists.

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A Redding chiropractor can help by doing a comprehensive evaluation of injuries and potential injury, diagnose work injuries and provide you with various treatments to help correct the problem. Chiropractic treatments may include spinal manipulation, physical therapy, massage therapy and/or exercise to reduce pain. To learn more information about workplace ergonomics, contact Churn Creek Chiropractic.

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