As you get older, you may not feel up to going through your daily routine due to musculoskeletal aches and pains, not to mention systemic health challenges. Fortunately, you can control those discomforts and improve your wellness without adding heavy-duty painkillers to your medication list. Our Redding clinic, Churn Creek Chiropractic, can have you feeling and moving better through natural, conservative care techniques.

Aging and Musculoskeletal Health

Musculoskeletal issues seem to go hand in hand with the aging process. Some of these issues are simply a matter of many years of wear and tear catching up with your joints. The bone ends in joints are lined with cartilage to prevent painful friction. As the cartilage wears down, you begin to experience the stiffness and pain of osteoarthritis. Age-related reductions in muscle mass may also mean less support for your spine, resulting in postural problems that encourage spinal misalignment. Degenerative disc disease is another painful problem that occurs as your vertebral discs lose water content with age. The sagging discs reduce the space between vertebrae, straining the vertebral joints. Outward-bulging discs may also compress nerve tissue, causing neurological symptoms in the extremities while also suppressing your overall function.

Spinal degeneration also causes another serious issue that commonly affects seniors: balance problems. As the cervical spinal column undergoes degenerative changes, sensory structures called mechanoreceptors may become impaired. These structures play an important role in helping you maintain normal balance and physical coordination. It’s little wonder that seniors are more vulnerable to injuries resulting from falls.

Our Chiropractor Can Help You Stay Mobile

While you can’t turn back the hands of time, the good news is that you can reduce the effects of age-related changes on your health, comfort, safety, and range of motion. Our chiropractor, Dr. Hutchings, can make a detailed evaluation of your baseline health, balance, and mobility. During your first visit, we will discuss your medical history, as well as any current symptoms that are bothering you. This enables us to create a customized senior chiropractic care program just for you. Periodic screenings can help us catch degenerative changes, neurological impairments, and alignment problems that need to be addressed. Extremity adjustments, exercises, and lifestyle changes can keep your joints healthy, ease chronic pain, and help you improve your balance.

Want to Improve Your Health and Comfort? Contact Churn Creek Chiropractic

Good quality of life is attainable at any age, any Churn Creek Chiropractic wants to help you make the most of your senior years. Call our Redding clinic today at (530) 221-4991 for an appointment!