At Churn Creek Chiropractic of Shasta County, we meet people of all ages and backgrounds who are ready for natural healing from conditions like low back pain, sciatica, headache and migraine, fibromyalgia, and more. The natural and holistic services offered by our chiropractor in Redding can help you live more confidently and comfortably, without having to depend solely (if at all) on drugs and invasive procedures.

Chiropractic Care

Our Redding chiropractor has helped people with a variety of conditions experience effective and long-lasting pain relief through chiropractic care services, including spinal adjustments, postural screens, and soft tissue massage and mobilization. Unlike many conventional approaches to health, chiropractic care seeks to identify underlying factors which may be contributing to a particular ailment or injury. In this way, you get more than simple symptom relief from a chiropractor: you also get full body wellness and improved physical functioning.

  • Chiropractic manipulations of your spine and joints to position the bones into an alignment that is without pain. This also allows your body to heal in a way that will not leave lasting concerns when you are recovering from an auto accident, work or sports injuries.
  • Lifestyle advice so you are able to live without aggravating your pain. For example, our chiropractors may show you the importance of raising your computer monitor to a height that will not strain your neck. Other tips include improved ways to sleep and lift heavy objects.
  • Corrective exercises go hand in hand with chiropractic adjustments. The exercises are designed to restore muscular balance through stretching and strengthening.
  • Massage therapy is also included at Churn Creek Chiropractic. We offer a variety of massage styles including shiatsu, deep tissue and sports massage. Massage therapy focuses on eliminating muscle tension and scar tissue from injuries. It also helps to improve your flexibility and mobility.
  • RockTape is used when you are recovering from a muscle injury. Our chiropractors apply the flexible tape in a particular pattern around the injured area. This provides support so you are still able to use the muscle. It also helps to eliminate inflammation because it gently lifts the skin away from the muscle. The tape adds heat which increases circulation and healing.
  • RockBlades are used prior to the application of RockTape. The blades are hand-held tools that our chiropractors use to stimulate muscle healing.
  • Prenatal chiropractic for expectant mothers which is gentle and healing during this transitional time.

Spinal adjustments are especially beneficial, even if your primary condition isn’t “directly” related to the spine. By realigning your vertebrae, we can improve the function of your central nervous system, reduce pressure on spinal nerve and discs where appropriate, accelerate your healing, and improve your posture in a variety of daily activities. The benefits of chiropractic adjustments carry over to so many aspects of health!

Corrective Exercises

Exercise is such a critical component of a healthy life, but there is no one-size-fits-all prescription. What are your unique physical rehabilitation needs? Do you need tissue healing, improved core stabilization, improved flexibility or range of motion, restored spinal and postural balance? These are questions our chiropractor in Redding can help you answer as we work together to design a custom exercise plan for you.

Lifestyle Advice & Nutritional Counseling

As effective as our comprehensive holistic services are, it’s what you do outside the clinic that will truly enhance what we can offer you. To this end, our Redding chiropractor provides individualized lifestyle advice and counseling about topics such as stress management, sleep, exercise, smoking cessation, and ergonomics. Our team can also empower you to make better food choices which will provide your body with an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients in order to accelerate your healing and improve your physical potential at work, in sport, and in day-to-day life.

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