When your shoulder hurts so badly that you cannot even raise your arm above your head, you need a hand with more than simply reaching that box on the topmost shelf. Shoulder pain may involve an acute injury or chronic degeneration in the cartilage, bursa, tendons, muscles or ligaments that work together to make this complex joint function — and it may keep getting worse and worse until you do something about the underlying problem. Our Redding chiropractor at Churn Creek Chiropractic can offer a variety of treatment methods to help you resolve or manage a debilitating case of shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain’s Many Causes

The shoulder is more than a mere ball-and-socket joint. The joint in question is cushioned by a combination of protective cartilage and a lubricating fluid-filled sac called the bursa. A muscular assembly called the rotator cuff surrounds the shoulder and permits it to perform a variety of motions. But while this complex structure lends the shoulder great versatility, it also introduces several potential failure points. Tears in the muscles of the rotator cuff (or the tendons that anchor them to bones) can cause agonizing pain. Inflammation of the bursa (bursitis) is another painful shoulder problem. Worn cartilage in the shoulder can create osteoarthritis pain. Sufficient force can cause subluxation or even full dislocation of the shoulder joint.

These forms of damage are easier to fall prey to than you might think. Common causes include:

  • Auto accidents, falls or other traumatic injuries
  • Sports injuries that involve overuse of the afflicted shoulder
  • Poor ergonomics at work that make your shoulders vulnerable to overuse injuries
  • Age-related degenerative joint conditions

Drug-Free Shoulder Pain Relief at Churn Creek Chiropractic

The good news is that you do not have to resign yourself to a life of shoulder pain or numbing medications, nor do you necessarily need surgery for your shoulder pain. Dr. Hutching and Dr. Edwards are both highly skilled and experienced at diagnosing the underlying causes and mechanisms of shoulder problems. If the joint has experienced subluxation or dislocation, your Redding chiropractor can administer targeted adjustments to reposition the joint components. Several adjustments may be necessary to reinforce and re-establish the “new” joint position.

Our shoulder pain treatments are not limited to chiropractic adjustment. Acute soft tissue damage may call for ice, heat and rest to relieve pain and swelling as quickly as possible. We can prescribe massage therapy to relieve spasms in tight muscles, enhance circulation and reduce inflammation; this form of treatment can also help release scar tissue from a previous shoulder injury. Corrective exercises can restore control, stability, strength and pain-free range of motion in a recuperating or arthritic shoulder. We may even recommend lifestyle or ergonomic changes to help prevent future shoulder problems.

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