If you are trying to manage upper back pain in Redding and you haven’t found any relief. It’s time to visit Churn Creek Chiropractic to get the relief you deserve. When your spine is out of alignment, you can suffer from upper back pain, headaches, neck pain and more.

Common Causes Of Upper Back Pain

Our chiropractor will take a careful look at your upper back and look for common causes of upper back pain.  Poor posture, chronic misuse of your upper back, an accident, arthritis, disc degeneration, and even poor sleeping ergonomics can cause upper back pain.

Typical Upper Back Pain Symptoms

While the pain may be described as an ache, burning, tingling, or sharp pain, the causes can be different.  You may experience pain in your hands because of a problem with your upper back. Neck pain can lead to headaches. Your symptoms can be mild or they can be almost intolerable.

How A Chiropractor Diagnoses Upper Back Pain

A chiropractor will take a careful look at your spine to determine what is causing your upper back pain. You will be asked questions about how long the pain has lasted, when it started, and any factors that may have led to your pain. You may need to have an X-ray, or an MRI done for further diagnostics. Your chiropractor will palpate your spine looking for tender areas to determine what areas of your upper back are experiencing the pain.

How A Chiropractor Treats Upper Back Pain

Your upper back pain will be treated in a number of ways. A chiropractor will use gentle stretching techniques, spinal manipulation, massage, hot and cold therapies, ultrasound and more to help relieve the pain you are in. The modalities used will depend on the cause of your upper back pain and how you respond to treatment.

You can receive chiropractic treatment for upper back pain even if you go to your primary care physician for the same problem. Care from a chiropractor does not use prescription medications and can be very effective at reducing or eliminating pain caused by spinal misalignments, inflammation, and poor circulation. To heal naturally from back pain, chiropractic care is the answer.

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