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Pediatric Chiropractic in Redding

baby holding parents fingerChildren of all ages—just like adults—can benefit greatly, and in many different ways, from chiropractic care. Our ability to help your family can begin even before birth, in the form of our prenatal chiropractic services. It then continues throughout childhood thanks to our safe, effective pediatric chiropractic care at Churn Creek Chiropractic.

It may be hard to think about an infant experiencing joint pain, a fifth-grader with hip pain or even a toddler with lower back problems. But it happens far more often than you’d imagine. Children experience their fair share of musculoskeletal complaints, just like adults. Even newborns can incur spinal alignment errors or other joint problems following their passage through the birth canal.

Our children’s bodies will encounter a variety of other strains and bumps as they start exploring their world and building their physical coordination through trial and error.

School sports, technology and daily backpack usage, and the possible advent of scoliosis can throw additional challenges at growing kids.
These stresses and strains can affect your child’s musculoskeletal and neurological health.

smiling child being adjusted

Benefits to Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Impaired nerve function can affect growth and development in a number of ways. It can also make your child more vulnerable to a variety of common pediatric illnesses, from ear infections and colic to ADHD. We’ve also seen young patients because they weren’t latching properly, they favored one side over the other, there were issues with their crawling and walking mobility, or they struggled with constipation, sleep problems and even allergies.

Chiropractic adjustment can minimize the impact of these issues on your child’s life. Even in infants, this healing modality is extremely tender and entirely safe. Our doctors love adjusting children, creating an amazing foundation for a life of health and wellness. No one wants to see a child experience discomfort, and his gentle fingertip adjustment will improve the child’s issues while providing peace of mind for the child’s parents and siblings within the household.

Correcting imbalances as early in life as possible sets the stage for optimal development during those first crucial years. Periodic screenings and adjustments as needed can help your child steer clear of preventable infections, illnesses, injuries, and neurological issues.

Schedule Your Child’s Visit Today

We love helping families achieve and maintain their best health, so do your little ones a favor by bringing them to our office. Call our clinic at (530) 221-4991 to schedule an initial consultation and pediatric evaluation!


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