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Pre-Employment Physicals in Redding

person smiling during consultationIf you’re about to start a new job, you may be asked to complete a pre-employment physical. Over the last 20 years, it has become more common for employers to require that prospective employees demonstrate they can perform essential job functions. A pre-employment physical can also identify medical conditions that may result in injury or limit a person’s ability to perform the job.

At Churn Creek Chiropractic, we offer pre-employment physicals in addition to our other services.

Why Pre-Employment Physicals?

Certain kinds of jobs require the physical ability to perform essential job tasks. Firefighters, for example, must be physically fit, able to carry or lift a certain amount of weight and perform their job functions while wearing a breathing apparatus. Most companies have a job description that includes the physical requirements of the job and this is used to design the examination and testing for the pre-employment physical. The chiropractor who is serving as an examiner is also expected to understand the job well enough to determine what the physical requirements are.

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Targeted Testing

Each pre-employment physical is targeted to the needs of the job. If a job involves lifting boxes all day, the chiropractor will determine how strong and flexible the individual’s back is, the strength in the leg and arm muscles and the ability to balance while lifting. For a secretarial position, the focus may be on vision and hearing, the flexibility and muscle balance in the arms and hands, and posture. A person who must spend a great deal of time walking or must run while on the job should have endurance testing.

What’s Included?

During pre-employment testing, a physical examination is the norm. It typically includes a medical and surgical history and a physical health assessment. It is also likely to include drug testing (we do not offer this service, however). Physical ability tests might include assessments of muscle strength, flexibility and balance. Other components of the physical examination and testing include endurance and heart health.

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